We are pleased to offer the Canadian aviation community our online ground school courses, written and developed by Michael J. Culhane, ATPL. The purpose. Special Pricing: Culhane Training Manuals Editions . Contains all mandatory subjects for Transport Canada ATPL-H written examinations: HARON and. Culhane Aviation Training Manuals for Transport Canada written exams: student pilot Those completing our ATPL online ground school course will need as a.

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Regulatory Requirements for Canadian A Loaded with illustrations inclusive of tables, charts, diagrams and performance data.

Online Ground School Canada: PSTAR, PPL, CPL, IFR, ATPL, IATRA

Find More Posts by paco. Since the internet offers such an effective means to deliver distance learning programs, significant cost savings can be achieved as compared to classroom based training. Commercial Pilot Written Exam Prep.

Following each question frame is a link to the answer for that question, followed by a link to the next question. The Transport Canada Aeronautical D Now into its 70th year of publication, this award-winning title continues to provide complete and detailed information on the o Culhane pilot training manuals are used atpp a multitude of pilots every year to succeed on their Transport Canada written examinations.

D This test supplement contains six realistic sample exams for Transport Canada Instructor Rating writtens: Pilot Logbook – Culhane, Professional D Aims to provide basic, progressive study material for student pilots.

Also, does anyone have any positive experiences with any of the on-line prep products available? Captain zulu View All Tags. Canadian Aviation Weather Code: Culhane ground school course texts contain all required background material based on Transport Canada current Study and Reference Guides, supported throughout with numerous illustrations, examples and detailed instructions for complex calculation chains.

Within 24 hours of receiving your payment, we will process your registration and email your individual user access credentials user name and password. Then, within 24 hours of sending your confirmation, you will be e-mailed separately a personal, confidential user access name and password. Flight Test Notes Code: We are also the exclusive publishers of aviation training texts by Michael J.

  CHROMA 66202 PDF

It contains multiple sets Everyday free shipping for Culhane aviation training manuals. Culhane written test books each contain multiple sets of realistic Transport Canada sample examinations, with cross references to the supporting Culhane course texts. Effective January 3 to February 28, D A collection of more than typical Transport Canada written exam questions with keynotes covering all major subject areas.

Culhane Training Manuals Culhane training manuals are the industry standard for Canadian pilots, flight dispatchers and AME’s cuhlane and provide an effective, comprehensive and user friendly system to self study for Transport Canada written examinations at all levels of licences and ratings, from student pilot to ATPL, fixed wing and rotary.

Our online ground school courses each consist of hundreds of sequenced questions that are programmed for self learning. D This is the leading flight instructor self study course text in Canada. This is a complete atlp to self study for the Transport Canada Airline Transport writtens for Aeroplanes: Weather Fundamentals Bundle provides pilots with the Everyday discounted pricing on this item! Obviously I didn’t buy them last year.

The agpl is thus able to focus on the required content and can quickly learn the required subjects and problem solving techniques without having to “re-invent the wheel” by sourcing wtpl researching dozens of obscure and hard-to-find culhzne references.

School subscriptions are available for our Online Ground Schools: Following expiry of the subscription term, your registration will expire. Those culyane our plan can fast track their study and will save the expense of a costly exam prep seminar that may not be available in their area or atl at a convenient time.

Does anyone have any experience or opinion on vs ? Professional Pilot Training includes ground studies A forum for attpl on the steep path to that coveted professional licence.

Human Factors – Basic Code: D A comprehensive culgane of the knowledge essential for success in the Transport Canada Written Examination together with typical examination D The Transport Canada Exam requires that you know all the material for the Commercial Pilot exam plus incremental knowledge cu,hane Once you have paid the required fee, we will immediately send you a confirmation of payment.


Finally, we offer discounted pricing and distribution services to the Canadian aviation training industry for a wide range of quality, aviation training related products including Culhane training manuals and logbooks, Nav Canada VFR and IFR charts and supplements, aviation books by Jeppesen, ASA, Transport Canada, the FAA, pilot logbooks, pilot supplies, David Clark headsets etc.

Culhane written test books each contain multiple sets of realistic Transport Canada sample examinations, with cross references to the supporting Culhane course texts. We believe that online training programs over the internet offer an excellent opportunity to self study for aviation examinations and we are committed to developing and providing Canada’s aviation training industry with an extensive range of internet training products.

Can anyone comment on if there are significant differences between the last year’s versions that would substantiate spending the extra cash for the ?

D A fascinating sector is emerging in the world of aviation. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. D Designed to be a plain language introduction to human factors for pilots in the culhsne stages of their flying careers Your payment of the registration fee entitles you to unlimited, single user access to the appropriate online course for the selected subscription term, as counted from the day we e-mail your password and user-name.

Canadian Books

Find More Posts by Gordon Bennet. Unmanned aircraft systems UAS are re-defining aerial cullhane, and bro To register for our online courses, go to our online store and pay the required fee. This comprehensive course includes all mandatory subjects along with detailed examples and explanations of all complex calculations.