Imam Ghazali (RA) was a prolific writer. His immortal books include Tuhafat al-. Falasifa (The Incoherence of the. Philosophers), Ihya al-‘Ulum al-Islamia. My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter By Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali ( May God Shower His Mercy Upon Him) From Imam Ghazali’s Arabic Book. Dear Beloved Son By Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali Translator: Dr. Kamal El- Helbawy Paperback Pages Pocket Size Small Booklet English Translation With.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The preacher should narrate all these matters of fear in front of the people and should inform them about these matters. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Do not let the rooster be more intelligent kmam you are. However, they will be explained here too, in a dfar way Inshallah God- willing. If you have received any guidance from them then you do not need any advice from me.

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Dear Beloved Son

They were facinated by these things. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Allah sent an angel to him to test him who said: The following is the seventeenth of twenty-four counsels Imam Al-Ghazali gave to his student. This Satanic group could be from among the humans or from among the Jinn an invisible creation of God lmam was created from fire. You have told [us] very good things. Showing of 1 reviews. Xear like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

That is where ak-ghazali are coming from. In a horrific time like this, the owner of the house will never mention the flood in colorful sentences, gestures and signs secretive languageflowery and decorated language, or in an embellished colorful poetry. Then I deliberated on the following belovex My dear beloved son and true friend! This disease is also incurable. On contrary, what I am saying is that a slave will enter Paradise because of Allah’s Favor, Generosity, and Blessings.


What should I explain to you about this hint?

Other than that, the purpose will not be achieved. At this point Shaqiq said: If an oppressor has a long life then the oppression will continue longer and there will be more turmoil and corruption in al-ghazaki world and what can be worse than that?

This book is available in a paperback format with both Arabic and English text. Dear Beloved Son – Ayyuhal Walad. Write a customer review. In the Footsteps of the Prophet: Do not be deprived of good deeds, do not be without the knowledge of the external matters Shari’ahand do not be without internal excellences noble inner qualities.

I am not narrating this fact instead Allah, the Exalted, is saying: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Jealousy is such a lethal disease that has no cure.

My dear beloved son! Now narrate the third benefit. You did a very good thing and said a very good thing. In reply to his letter, Imam Ghazali RA sent him the following advices.

Write your review here: Here we briefly narrate some [such] qualities so that every nut head crazy and misguided person could not claim to be a Shaykh spiritual guide [as it is al-ghazalk to define these qualities due to the presence of a large number of fake impersonators claiming to be Shaykhs whose sole purpose is to deceive people to gain material benefits thus causing great damage to this important aspect of Islam by disillusioning people and misguiding many].

I wish he prayed the Tahajjud prayers optional prayers in the blessed last part of the night before dawn which is indispensable for making spiritual progress in the Path of Allah.

Dear Beloved Son – Ayyuhal Walad: Al-Ghazali: : Books

Servitude has three things: Now narrate the fifth benefit. Unless you cut eradicate the desires inclinations and tendencies of the lower self with the sword of truth and Mujahada intense inner spiritual struggle and al-ghazlaiuntil then the light illumination of Ma’arifah deep intimate knowledge, understanding, consciousness, awareness, relationship with Allah will not be born in your heart.


Never ever obey the Shaytan Satan. Be on our side grant us benefits and do not burden us protect us from harms. Instill in their hearts the love of the life hereafter so that they get inclined towards the life hereafter.

Now narrate the eighth benefit. To acquire other knowledge is a communal obligation Fard Kifaya – an obligation on an entire community which is discharged by the entire community if there is a single group within the community that fulfills the communal obligation.

Prophet Tsa Jesus, peace be upon him said that I am [with the Permission of God] not incapable of bringing imsm to life but I am incapable of curing the fools and the ignorant folks. Beolved way, disenchant their hearts from the world so that they will consider [the love and attachment of] the world an enemy [stopping them from realizing their full potential and the purpose for which Allah has sent them in this world].

I do not need any more [benefits] and these benefits from knowledge are quite sufficient because I am certain that I will attain salvation [and success] in this life and in the life hereafter through these eight benefits. This fact should be in your knowledge that it has been narrated in the traditions of the intimates of Allah saints that Shibli May Allah shower His Mercy upon him said: It’s very easy to give this advice to all the people of the whole belloved but it’s very difficult to act upon it oneself.

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