The 27th Status Report on EPIRA implementation covers the period May . Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), Republic Act No. An Act Ordaining Reforms in the Electric Power Industry, Amending for the purpose certain laws /. ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY REFORM ACT OF Project Management Consultancy of the Philippine WESM, and (2) Procurement and Installation of.

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All amounts collected for the universal charge shall be distributed to the respective beneficiaries within a reasonable period to be provided by the ERC.

Failure to comply with such obligations shall result in the imposition of appropriate sanctions or penalties by the ERC: All notices of hearings to be conducted by the ERC for the purpose of fixing rates or fees shall be published at least twice for two successive weeks in two 2 newspapers of nationwide circulation. Competition can pressure price declines overall while improving electricity supply quality and reliability.

Epira is working

NPC was granted an authorized capital stock of P 50 billion corresponding to million shares of stock at P par value, of which , shares were issued equivalent to P Exceptions from these limitations shall be allowed for isolated grids that are not connected to the high voltage transmission system.

The WESM has in fact proven its worth, showing that it can bring prices down when there are ample supplies to fill demand. For both the distribution retail wheeling and supply charges, inter-class subsidies shall be removed in accordance with this Act. Functions of the ERC.

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A small distribution company is one whose peak demand is One hundred megawatts MW or less. The flaw in the system was that gencos that did not want to dispatch power could artificially jack up their prices to the WESM-allowable maximum, so their electricity would be the last priority for dispatch. Provided, That, if upon the effectivity of this Act, the Commission has not been constituted and the new staffing pattern and plantilla positions have not been approved and filled-up, the current Board and existing personnel of ERB shall continue to hold office.

In its billings to end-users, every supplier shall identify and segregate the components of its supply charge, as defined herein. The subtransmission functions and assets shall be segregated from the transmission functions, assets and liabilities for transparency and disposal: The ERC shall have the authority to modify or amend this definition of a grid when two or more of the three separate grids become sufficiently interconnected to constitute a single grid or as conditions may otherwise permit.

The rates prescribed shall be non-discriminatory. The cost of administering and operating the wholesale electricity spot market shall be recovered by the market operator through a charge applied to all market members: Provided, further, That foreign loans shall be obtained, for and in behalf of TRANSCO, in accordance with law and the rules and regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; f To maintain a provident fund which consists of contributions made by both the TRANSCO and its officials and employees and their earnings for the payment of benefits to such officials and employees or their heirs under such terms and conditions as it may prescribe; g To do any act necessary or proper to carry out the purpose for which it is created, or which, from time to time, may be declared by the TRANSCO Board as necessary, useful, incidental or auxiliary to accomplish its purposes and objectives; and, h Generally, to exercise all the powers of a corporation under the corporation law insofar as they are not inconsistent with this Act.


Injunction and Restraining Order. These include, among others, biomass, solar, wind, hydro and ocean energy; nn “Restructuring” refers to the process of reorganizing the electric power industry in order to introduce higher efficiency, greater innovation and end-user choice.

These epura NPC assets linking the transmission system and the distribution system which are neither classified as generation nor transmission.

Provided, That such facilities are required only for the purpose of connecting to the transmission system, and are used solely by the generating facility, subject to prior authorization by the ERC: Such contracts shall be based on the projected demand of such utilities less any of lww currently committed quantities under philippinws IPP contracts as defined in Section 33 hereof: It shall be understood as covering a range of alternatives enhancing exposure of the industry to competitive market forces; oo “Small Power Utilities Group” or “SPUG” refers to the functional unit of NPC created to pursue missionary electrification function; pp “Stranded contract costs of NPC or distribution utility” refer to the excess of the contracted la of electricity under eligible contracts over the actual selling price of such contracts in the market.

The ERC may authorize other similar entities to become eligible as members of the wholesale electricity spot market either directly or indirectly.

The EPIRA is working

Upon finding that a market participant has engaged in such act or behavior, the ERC shall stop and redress the same. Provided, That in no case shall the rate be upgraded more than once a year. Provided, That the duration for such recovery shall not be shorter than fifteen 15 years nor longer than twenty-five 25 years.

But even as contracted prices do not readily adjust to short-term market fluctuations, the WESM made it possible for consumers to still benefit immediately from this reprieve.

Every distribution utility shall identify and segregate in its bills to end-users the components of the distribution retail supply rate, as defined in this Act. Provided, That the Department shall endeavor to provide for an environment conducive to free and active private sector participation and investment in all energy activities.

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If the offender is a government official or employee, he shall, in addition, be dismissed from the government service with prejudice to reinstatement and with perpetual or temporary disqualification from holding any elective or appointive office.


Thereafter, the ERC shall determine a threshold level when open access shall apply to all distribution utilities. Enhancement of Technical Competence. Said rules shall provide the mechanism for determining the price of electricity not covered by bilateral contracts between sellers and purchasers of electricity users.

Separate accounts shall be maintained for each business undertaking to ensure that the transmission business shall neither subsidize in any way such business undertaking nor encumber its transmission assets in any way to support such business. Press esc, or click the close the button to close this dialog box.

Such rules and regulations shall define the following: Three, from to last six yearspower generation has expanded 1. Provided, further, That appointment to any future vacancy shall only be for the unexpired term of the predecessor: Unbundling of Rates and Functions.

The minority shall be entitled to lhilippines representation but shall have at least one 1 representative in the Power Commission.

Members of the Commission shall enjoy security of tenure and shall not be suspended or removed from office except for just cause as specified by law. Alternative Electric Service for Isolated Villages. The EPIRA organized the industry into four 4 sectors, generation, transmission, distribution and supply.

For this purpose, any person or entity engaged or which shall engage in power generation and supply of electricity shall not be required to secure a local or national franchise. In the event a divestment is required, the ERC shall allow the affected party sufficient time to remedy the infraction or for an orderly disposal, but shall in no case exceed twelve 12 months from the issuance of the order; g In the public interest, establish and enforce a methodology for setting transmission and distribution wheeling rates and retail rates for the captive market of a distribution utility, taking into account all relevant considerations, including the efficiency or inefficiency of the regulated entities.

The relevant distribution utility shall submit to the ERC quarterly philippinea showing the amount of stranded costs recovered and the balance remaining to be recovered. Provided, That controlling stockholders of small distribution utilities are required to list in the PSE within five 5 years from the enactment of this Act if they already own the stocks. All electric cooperatives which have outstanding uncollected billings to any local government unit shall report such billings to NEA which shall, in turn, report the same to the Department of Budget las Management DBM for collection pursuant to Executive Order issued on December 21, The universal charge shall be a non-bypassable charge which shall be passed on and collected from all end-users on a monthly basis by the distribution utilities.