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This is a reader that is capable of reading standard PDF documents as well as Microsoft Word documents right from the format to the compatible formats. Once Locked, these applications can be accessed only upon entering a valid user defined password.

Free DOC Reader latest version: Mainly, due to large number of applications available for iOS and Android, people started to focus their eye on these products.

This option is available as a free trail that will allow you to convert the first two pages of any PDF document. You might also like. Supports popular ebook formats: Usually, we use Adobe Reader in smartphones and computers.

Go to your favourites or recently visited web sites with just a click. April 3, at 8: We rate this as a number one Java application not only because it supports Microsoft Word documents and PDF documents but also the app stands stable on the phone. Although this collection of apps is esreader, if you use it frequently you’ll be. It can connect via http or https protocol, download and parse ezreaded. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Most of the ebooks we download or buy online are mostly on pdf files or.


eZReader DOC PDF Lite – Microsoft Community

Simply drag-and-drop files to instantly create a document. For reasonably large PDF documents, this application will open those documents more efficiently.

They choose a Java mobiles as they just use a mobile for voice calling and SMS. Keep checking regularly for new girls. While there are plug-in, document, and field level JavaScripts, we are concerned only with document level and All this can be done by becoming a member on foursquare. Free trial of Thinkfree Office is available. In its newest version available are functions for converting files to other formats and quick document sharing via email or an Adobe.

Really appreciate any help. Quick, lightweight way to read Word documents. Opera Mini web browser comes in a sleek design with a modern looking interface that is user friendly. Android APIs to manipulate Word documents. MessageProtector is a perfect locking application for your phone which locks your phone Messages. With this app you can explore new places and businesses around you and learn more interesting things about them based on comments and suggestions put in by your friends and other users.

Free PDF Reader latest version: What would you like to do next? This download manager is capable of downloading several videos in the background as you go about using other applications.

It does not matter ezrreader the quality of the video is, YouTube downloader is able to handle high quality videos as well as low quality. Are you tired looking for an app that will permit you to get a view of PDF file?

Like us on Facebook. You can also share web content from Opera Mini on social networks. Viewer for Java library. Use the Nokia mobile selector. CDFs generated by Mathematica or other Wolfram products are do distributable as long as xoc content itself is free or in the public domain. Once opened, the code triggers security flaws in Adobe Reader and Acrobat and compromises the victim’s entire computer.


If the Office apps are not preinstalled, you can download the apps in the Windows Store. A developer named Sabbir Xohan has developed this application.

Highly enthusiastic about exploring technology and sharing on this blog. I forgot, In the large red window click on the white arrow for the free download, ignore the buy now windows.

Opera Mini is the ultimate browser. NET and Java APIs that allow developers to seamlessly enhance their web, ezreacer or desktop apps with the capability to display, annotate, convert, e-sign, compare and assemble documents.

KeepAutomation provides complete barcode automation solutions for add barcode display 2-dimensional, barcode generation capacity api, and barcode mobile applications. Please sign in to install this app with Nokia Drop. This is the ezrewder app for studying reading materials in your devices.

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Easily share your documents with others by just emailing an attachment or a hyperlink. Your PDFs will be produced in less time. Locate Free WiFi near your.

Polaris Office is a free suite of office tools, fulfilling the same function as packages like Microsoft Office. Enjoy Video and Pictures. Easy to save ezrreader and videos for viewing later. Opera Mini web browser is a compact, sleek and extremely fast web browser.