FreeOCR is a Windows OCR program including the Windows compiled Tesseract free ocr engine. It includes a Windows installer and It is very simple to use and. Easy Screen OCR (portable) can turn images or screenshots into editable text quickly. FreeOCR is a good scan and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program which lets you extract text from scanned PDF documents. Alternatively, try Free for an online OCR solution. Windows Portable Apps.

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Free tools have their own features, but that are negative points too. Next, open the Google Drive website and upload your file into the application. I work in freeoc medical office and every site or option I find ends up being blocked by the administrator. It seams as if the application website has abandoned this software as I find no mention.

Install now to protect your privacy. December 31, – 5: May 14, – 6: Google Drive has integrated Portaboe support. Shame on you to publish this crap Basically, any files already there need to be selected and “Downloaded” This goes for all Office files as well as PDF’s.


Because OCR’ing big files and numerous of them take long time. Free OCR is an online application that allows free and easy way to convert an image with text in text document. Do you use a version of Microsoft Word from or older?

I know there was already some talking about it. I’ve used other OCR’s which couldn’t interpret some of the more fanciful portqble fonts. Personally I would like to share a tool here i. Complex layouts take a little longer because you need to define graphic, text and table areas, but the results are near perfect.

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Google Play Chrome Extension Free access your library of media from your browser. Output text can be saved as a text file or Word document. Many people may already own OneNote, but it is a commercial product that costs money to use. The next step is to scan your document or save your image from the web. Thanks, Gordon — why did you choose it? Then, download the output file the tool spits out and, voila!

Download and installation help.

Everything was in place, except for special characters found in other languages than English, that weren’t even taken into account this type of character is replaced by blank. May 13, – 5: Lortable the drop-down menus to the left of many of the options.


In the next step, we opened Windows’ Paint, and wrote some text in lowercase and uppercase, as well as symbols.

GOCR can be used with different front-ends, which makes it very easy to port to different OSes and architectures. It supports Chinese just downloading the language in preferences Japanese and a myriad of languages [Broken Link Removed]. Doesnt seem to have been updated recently but quick test and it works with the latest version of IrfanView.

Otherwise, texts will be delimited by a single line break, and if you accidentally click “Remove line break,” you won’t get to use an Portabld button. Google Docs while not having a page limit does have: This software has many options to add Images in a PDF document. Leave a comment and let us know.