Julien Offroy de La Mettrie, (born Dec. 25, , Saint-Malo, Fr.—died Nov. 11, , Berlin), French physician and philosopher whose. Julien Offray de La Mettrie, the French physician and philosopher, was born in Saint-Malo, Brittany. After attending the Collège d’Harcourt, he studied medicine . La Mettrie, Julien Offray De(b. Saint-Malo, France, 19 December ; d.

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Another feature of L’homme machine is its persistent tendency to assimilate human to animal nature with the aid of evidence drawn from the spheres of comparative anatomy and experimental psychology.

In advancing this notion, La Mettrie was perhaps methrie earliest exponent of a school of psychology whose method of analysis would be consistently and rigorously physiological.

He worked off La Mettrie’s materialistic views but modified them to not be as extreme. Materialism and Society in the Mid-Eighteenth Century: The invalid was obliged to have recourse to the science of his colleagues, but he failed to find the succor that his own skill had so often afforded as well to himself as to the public”.

Julien Offroy de La Mettrie

Home People Philosophy and Religion Philosophy: La Mettrie speculated that it is by virtue of the appropriate “material forms” and “substantial forms” that matter, actively organized by an intrinsic force motricerealizes its potential attributes of a “vegetative soul” and a “sensitive soul”; each of these, in turn, he makes the “directing principle” of the biological or psychological functions coming under its sway.

In consistence with his materialist premises, he described happiness as the optimum state of pleasurable well-being of the “man-machine. He excelled in literature, poetry and oratory, but his father decided that he should become a priest and sent him to study logic under M.

How can we be held responsible for what we do if all is material? Drawing, on the one hand, from the common fund of Lockean sensationalism to which he gave, incidentally, a materialist meaningLa Mettrie argued that the contents of the mind — hence al mind itself — have no reality independently of the natural world in which sense impressions originate or of the sense organs by which these are transmitted.


A Conceptual History of Psychology. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Verlag Jurgen Dinter, In that earlier treatise, however, he saw fit to set his demonstration of the materiality of the soul within the framework of a Scholastic type of metaphysics, somewhat blurring its import jjlien leaving out of account the specifically mechanistic character of man that he was later to affirm so forcefully.

Thus La Mettrie was important but not unique in appreciating the empirical foundation and method medicine could offer to philosophical investigations. The awareness of professional issues that La Mettrie gained as a medical student led him to lampoon the ignorance and venality of Parisian medical practitioners.

One was the emphasis on the empirical method and on clinical observation. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every julieh entry or article, Encyclopedia. Calvinists, Catholics and Lutherans forgot for the time that consubstantiation, free will, mass for the dead, and the infallibility of the pope divided them: Moreover, his deterministic interpretation of human behavior, and his likening of it to that of animals, foreshadowed two familiar tenets of presentday behaviorist psychology.

La Mettrie, Julien Offray De

La Mettrie’s celebration of sensual pleasure was said to have resulted in his early death. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. In La Mettrie went to Leiden to study with the reknowned philosopher and physician Hermann Boerhaave. Help us improve this article! The other source in English is mettrir more general work by G.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: He presents physiological and clinical examples as privileged evidence and defers to the authority of the physician over the metaphysician and the theologians. He married in but the marriage, which produced two children, proved an unhappy one.


Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. The Voltaire Foundation He then mentioned that La Mettrie had suffered from indigestion caused by overindulging in the pheasant paste. Its author, now regarded by the offrayy as the most daring and dangerous of the Philosophes, was forced to flee again, this time to the court of Frederick II of Prussia, where he was appointed a member jullien the Royal Academy of Sceiences, as well as reader and physician to the king.

He wrote from a medical perspective, very early in the movement, and without some of the stylistic verve and innovation of the later Enlightenment.

Julien Offray de La Mettrie (La Mettrie, Julien Offray de, ) | The Online Books Page

Angela Merkel, German politician who in became the first female chancellor of Germany. He was then forced to leave Holland ve was welcomed in Berlin by Frederick the Greatmade court reader, and appointed to the academy of science. Princeton University Press, Epicureanism and egoism in modern philosophy philosophical views In Western philosophy: InLa Mettrie entered the College d’Harcourt to study philosophy and natural science, probably graduating around Reflecting his strong taste for analogical reasoning, it is an extreme confirmation of the “chain-of-being” idea, which it interprets in the sense of a uniform destiny for man and for all other living forms, excluding the possibility of a spiritual transcendence of nature.

Modern materialism Epicureanism In Epicureanism: