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Klawicna Mechanics – Fall author: We are always trying to improve the service we deliver to our learners. One of the most effective ways we have mehankia identifying improvements is by listening to your views and opinions. Here is a change we have introduced as a result of your comments and feedback. Your videos are all in English and this makes it difficult to understand. We’ve jehanika a translation engine for you! This course has been translated from English into 11 other languages with the best machine mehanikw engines available.

The languages we prepared for you are the following: Dear Sir He teach very good. I am really interested with his teaching. I hope that I can see the other subject of his teaching in physics. I really suprive that I can improve my physics through out of the Internet. Thank you so much! Hon’ble Professor is doing great job. It is very useful and interesting to views these lecture. It is my firm believe that meyanika courses which are assumed to be tough for understanding perspectivewould benefit thousands and millions of students in coming days to learn the concepts.

It will also popularize physics among students in some countries where there is no good infrastructure and proper faculty. The Pedagogy of ‘Young Professor’ is amazing and quite inspirational for others Gurus to have such energy level.

Predložak:Klasična mehanika

Last but not least, this initiative is definitely giving the right direction of learning though Internet. Apart from being crystal clear and easy to understand, he makes the videos dangerously intriguing.

The confidence Lewin expresses in each topic is excellent and deserves highest regards. I appreciate the organisers of this opencourse ware a grand success and the students of the world a good time with the lectures. Prof Walter Lewin has set a benchmark in physics teaching. His concept explainations, drawing meticulously on the board, taking thru question and answers, sometimes when experiment fails- explaining so that what ever he does can be emulated by people. Everything is so live in the classroom.

At the same time the best professor of MIT can be seen in remote corner of the world without any travel. Wow, the physics with you is so simple. I live in Italy and here there aren’t professor so good. Just i can say its very nice and very good lecture. He can teach very good physics concept. Best Wishes for him H. Inspite of the lecture subject seems primerly, but i understood it by differnent way, i felt that i am understanding it for the first time!!! Thank you very much Mr. The first and last lectures are an inspiration for anyone.


The course is the ground floor in any physics education. Sincere congratulations to Walter Lewin: What a privilege to join this class at MIT.

Many thanks to all concerned for sharing this with the world. He kpasicna with such a simplicity and beauty. I can now able to understand the things conceptually with the help of the lectures Thank you so much for these videos, I am about to purchase the book to go along with these lectures so I can maximize my studies and learn all of this valuable information.

I hope to someday be a student at MIT, and perhaps I will be in your class. I hope I can meet him professor in person mebanika listen to his lectures in person if possible Can any body tell me that either it is undergraduate physics or A-level physics that MIT has launched.???

Mi completo agradecimiento a usted profesor! His lecture are amazing mehnika legendary. Thanks to him my understanding of physics meganika enormously.

I am a physic stundent of t he Johannes-gutenberg-university in Mainz. Dear sir, I would like to tell you that kinetic energy is not conserved during elastic collisionthough initial and final kinetic energy is same. During impact some part of k.

I am an Electrical Engineer from India and after going through a few vedio lectures I feel so delighted on the commendable work done by Prof Walter. Really it is a new experience and Physics has become highly interesting. I shall go through all the lectures and try to pass on the knowledge to the younger generation of today. I am a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student in London and this videos are the ultimate help.

All lecturers should learn by example from Prof Walter. The fact that he shows everything by real life example makes it even more intuitive. I like the way he teach, i hope iam one of his studen.

MIT Physics I: Classical Mechanics – Fall – VideoLectures –

It was demonstration of excellence in teaching. Skill is the most appropriate word which you have personified. I showed your lecture on “spring and pendulum” to my son and he was fascinated. Amazing, as all lessons should be. If i would have had the opportunity of receiving lessons from motivating teachers like him i would have chosen to study physics before!

Best wishes from Argentina, thanks so much for this opportunity! I’m a student from China. Thanks a lot for your effort. I’ve learned a lot from the courses. I boost up with your lectures videos.


I started loving physics. He is one of the best teacher and best person I have ever seen. I really wish to see him and shake his hand. These lectures are smilar to which I studied at my University. So I can make repetition of the lectures that I dealt with before, with the help of Mr.

Respected sir, I am in resonance of your teaching,the best thing of your teaching is the way of teaching. I gone through all lectures delivered on Mechanics. In spite of my week english, i find the lectures of Pr Lewin very easy to understand. Althought, the use of laboratory materiel in these lectures help very well, Pr.

Lewin is very good teacher. Is there any translate of the lectures transcript in french or arabic, and can we use them freely Prof Lewin you are a genius!! You make physics so easy to understand Thanks very much Prof Lewin from Ecuador.

Dear Gee Your experiments make physic so attractive and yourtalking show is catch by a non english motherlanguage like me. I would like to have a teacher like you. I love listening with Mr. It is a very clear easy explanation of laws and concepts based on real experiments I wish that i will have ateacher as great as him I like Sir Walter’s way of teaching very much.

I downloaded his lecture but the problem is in downloaded video there is no transcript CAN anybody help me please.??? The students of mit are very fortunate to get such a good lecturer. Excellent way of explaining the concepts of physics. Thank u very much Mr.

And we r also feeeling lucky 2 get tihs study materials in website. Walton is a great teacher, he did a great job, he shared his knowledge with crores of students who are unable to understand complicated things theoretically. I’m 17 and a real fan of physics, and i wanted to thank you professor. I’d never thought that it is that much fun.

Entering this wonderful world with you was brilliant.

I want to study psysics in mehnaika, I hope things I’ve learned will lighten my way. I am so happy to hear you explaining that I just wish I was sitting there on a chair in your lecture hall to be closer inhaling the same air you are all breathing!